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03/02 - team filled

02/27 - status update

02/22 - coding started

 latest news

Subversion Switch
March 10th, 2006

We decided to use Subversion instead of CVS. From now on, our CVS repository won't be updated no more, please us SVN.

~ drf_php


Team Filled!
March 10th, 2006

Hi everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who offered his help, in those weeks we managed to create a huge, serious team ready to work for free, and I think that's already a great result. Team is filled now, and we finally managed to find sufficient positions for our 3 main areas of development: Code, Graphics and Website. 

To do that, I decided to set some "co-admin position" for each of those:
1 - Coding: I still don't know who will assist me in coordination, as each coder is really serious and experienced. For now, I'll give that to Sryan, as we decided together many things about game, such as visualization and battle. 
2 - Graphics: Brokenbit 
3 - Website: Clbnet, nmaster64
Good work to everyone!

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